Spice Up Your Tea With a Stir-Fry

Try Thai Tea powder to make your favourite drink at home, with this exotic blend you will enjoy the perfect tea. This blend creates smoothies, delicious bubble tea and sweet tea. Add to these great qualities, you can add some exotic spices to make them special, so have a bowl of tea prepared and add a pinch or two of the spice to your cup or mug.

You could either choose to make this tea as it is, or spice it up with some spice powder, for example you could include some coriander seeds, cinnamon or cloves. These spices will give your tea a nice aroma and taste. If you prefer a more robust taste then just add more pepper ผงชาไทย. When it is prepared just heat the water in your tea kettle, if you have one that has a spout then this will ensure that your tea does not spill.

Put the tea leaves into the pot and bring it to boil. Turn off the heat, add the spice powder and leave to infuse. Leave it for about half an hour before serving your cup of tea. This is really simple, it takes little time and it really tastes great. If you are short on time you could leave it to infuse overnight and then serve in the morning, it tastes even better.

If you have a large quantity of tea to make, then you may want to try a Thai tea powder recipe, it makes a lot of tea and tastes good. Most recipes use black tea leaves but there are some recipes that use other varieties of tea such as oolong or the more common green tea. Just keep in mind that the darker the tea the more intense the spices will be, they should enhance the flavour of the tea rather than overpowering it.

There are many types of Thai tea and some of them are very strong in flavour, especially when compared with green tea. The stronger the tea the more spices will be used to infuse it, some recipes use more than one type of spice, others combine several spices to give it a unique taste.

If you do not want to add extra spices to your tea when making your Thai tea powder blend, then you may choose to buy it already mixed, some online retailers do supply this so you may want to check out their website to see if they stock it. I would add a little bit of this powder to your pot or mug every day for a few weeks and watch to see if any new scents have come through.