The Beagle Dog Breed – A Complete Guide

The beagles are a medium-sized hound breed, similar in appearance to that of the larger foxhound. They were first domesticated and bred as hunting dogs by humans some five thousand years ago in Central Asia. The beagles are a very agile and alert breed of hound, and are an ideal match for working dog handlers. The beagles are a very loyal breed of hound and will take the command and lead of you. This makes them good companions for those with shy or fearful dog personalities. The beagles are intelligent and alert hounds and love the companionship of humans.

The beagles are usually used as pack and hunting dogs. However, they are also excellent watchdogs, being trained to bark to alert you when intruders enter your home. Their intelligence, their temperament and their keen sense of smell make them ideal companions.

The beagles have long legs and feet, with long sleek tails. Their face is long and wide, with almond-shaped eyes. Their ears are short, tipped by long pointed ears. Beagles have no undercoat but have long hair tufts on the front of their heads and back, along with thick hair in the ruff of their coats.

Beagles are known to be friendly dogs with a very friendly and playful disposition. When training beagles it’s important to take care to avoid any negative associations with your previous training methods and make sure that they understand what you’re trying to teach them. Because beagles are such a sensitive breed of dog, they can easily become defensive when provoked by anything outside of normal behaviour.

Beagles are extremely playful and like to be on the edge of danger. Beagles are social animals, with strong loyalty, affectionate nature, and love to interact with others. They are gentle with children, but also possess an assertive nature. Because of their temperament, beagles are often a challenge to manage with training because of their stubbornness. Although beagles are highly intelligent and alert, they do need to exercise regularly in order to keep in good health. If you live in a colder region beagles are at risk of overheating and frostbite, which may result in injury or even death if left untreated.

Beagles are easy dogs to train, but need to have constant attention, and firmness. Because they are playful and friendly, they can also be a bit unpredictable in their interactions with other dogs, especially with other dogs they don’t know.