Google SERP Position API Explained

A Google Serp Position API is a new feature introduced with the introduction of Google Search Appliance. The search ranking algorithm used by the search giant has been changed and now it favors websites that are optimized for specific keywords. If your website is not optimized for particular keywords, then chances are high that you will not be placed in the top ten results displayed on the first page of the SERP. This was the situation with Google AdWords. But the creation of google API for keyword ranking has solved this problem.

It makes it easy for website owners to optimize their website and make it rank on the top of the SERP. It is important for every website owner to have a keyword strategy. However, doing so can be rather difficult. You cannot afford to spend hours researching about each keyword. This is where the google serp position api comes into picture.

The Google Serp Position API makes the job much easier for website owners as it provides them with the facility of accessing the keyword ranking algorithms used by the search engine giant. If you are an AdWords marketer or an affiliate, you definitely need to have a rough idea of how the search engines work and what factors influence its rankings. This will help you come up with keyword strategies that will help your website gain a prominent place in the SERP. But the best thing to do is to use an advanced keyword tracking tool that can give you exact numbers about how many visitors are visiting your website.

Once you have the exact figure, you can easily access the keyword position data and create plans for improving your website. A keyword tracker API makes this task much easier. It also gives you the facility of creating keyword analysis reports. These keyword reports provide you with the complete details about which keyword combinations give you a decent ROI.

So far as the Google SERP is concerned, the results of keyword analysis reports provided by the Google keyword tracker are far more detailed than the internal reports provided by Google. This is because it is not possible for Google to constantly update all its statistics. So the internal reports generated by Google are quite useless in predicting the future trends. But the Google SERP robot has a good predictive power. It is able to predict the demand for a particular keyword over a certain time frame. This way you can easily measure your SEO progress.

The Google SEO position API makes it easy for website owners to access important information like the number of visitors visiting their website for a particular keyword, the number of unique visitors and the average search engine results position. In other words, you will get to know your website’s position according to your keyword data. This API is a one-stop solution for all your queries related to search engine positioning. It is extremely helpful, especially for beginners. If you have any question related to the SERP position, you only need to specify the keyword or phrase in the text box and the tool will provide you all the answers. From the Google SERP position API you can also access the Google website explorer, Google toolbar, Google site Explorer, Google page view and many other useful Google tools.