Jewelry has become my passion mainly for sentimental reasons

Everything changed for me when I had the idea of making jewelry my dream job when I was pregnant with my daughter almost fifteen years ago. I had received a mother/baby blue agate machine-crafted cameo as a gift from my parents Bijouterie. I immediately became infatuated and obsessed. I taught myself everything I could learn about cameos: their history, the types of shells and other mediums that were used for carving, how to date them, etc.  I realized so many were more than just a “face/profile”. Some had mythological influence. I was completely under their spell! I got my hands on as many as I could and read every book I could find.

Much to my delight, I was asked to write some articles for Ruby Lane on collecting and care of cameos which I enjoyed immensely. My cameo collecting, as I mentioned, branched out into portrait miniatures, and through portrait miniatures into the jewelry that the ladies of that time wore in the portraits.

The rest, as they say, is history. Here I am now 14 years later using Instagram as my main venue, placing all sorts of jewels in the hands of new caretakers. So besides my own personal mantra “I’m a collector at heart,” knowing I am finding caretakers that truly love and appreciate these jewels as much as I do is a real passion. I absolutely adore every aspect of what I do.”

“I love to find my jewels all over…local antique shops, when traveling. However, my FAVORITE place for my own personal collection is definitely through the many amazing sellers I’ve met on Instagram. It has opened up a vast opportunity to scour the world just by visiting my favorite friends/sellers pages and shops.”

“My Grandmother’s high school ring has a neat story…not really my story to tell, however I’m sure every collector and sentimental jewelry lover can relate to a missing piece of jewelry. I had to be about 8 or 9…my parents had been raking leaves all day. My mom was the current caretaker of my gram’s 1940 High School ring.

At the end of a long day of yard work, my mom discovered the ring was not on her hand. My parents headed out to the garage and opened bag after bag of leaves.  Thankfully, they found the ring! This ring is now mine and is such a treasured piece in my collection.

I’ve also had a couple pieces of jewelry that were ones that “got away.” I missed out on purchasing them and was, by miracle, able to get a second chance at adopting them. These are among my #rideordie rings that I’ll never part with and have such a soul connection.”